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Elegant Savage is an independent, printed arts blogzine and magazine based in Coventry. It’s packed tightly with inspiring and unusual art, stories, fashion, music, interviews, creative competitions and much more from around the local area and beyond.

Welcome to the launch of one of the most exciting and creative arts and lifestyle publications and blogzines in Coventry and Warwickshire.

We fill both the printed mag and blogzine to the brim with all kinds of creative works, news and stories from amazingly talented people, from Coventry and beyond.

We cover all aspects of modern artistic culture, from photography and creative tech, all areas of art and illustration, to experimental and new music and performance arts. We get hands-on with our fashion stories and interact with local independent traders alongside our in-house designers, to bring together brilliant teams to make stunning features. We interview the most important creative entrepreneurs and local independent creatives and businesses. We even do a spot of DIY with hands on crafting projects for you to join in with!

So, get involved! If you want to be featured or promote your business then get in touch. Want to see a particular subject covered, then ask us! And if you see something you like, share it! That’s why we’re here! And with that, we invite you to join us online for our blogzine launch, the evening of 30th June, 2015.




The magazine is totally free for our Coventry readers, for the issue period and distribution zones, and outside of these we charge a small amount to get it delivered straight to your door, details will be forthcoming on our V.I.P section at www.elegantsavage.co.uk

Every penny we receive from sales via our web shop and subscriptions goes straight back into printing the next issue, promoting local music, artists and independent traders and other creative projects for our readers, such as creative competitions and affordable promo spaces for artists.


So how do we do it? Well as we all know too well, printed publications do cost us to produce. So we fund it by the good old fashioned methods of selling advertising to go in the magazine, fundraising and supportive donations so we can carry on spreading the word about YOU and YOUR creativity. And we value the relationships we have with our advertisers, customers and supporters hugely, as without them there’s absolutely no way we could print our wonderful mag. We also like the fact that we are doing something positive for everyone involved. Traders and creatives like being part of something unique to Coventry, that’s original and inspirational, and they definitely see us as a great way to market themselves to their audience, so it’s a very well rounded relationship.


Something you might not know– we started in 2011 (and continue to produce) the magazine with no external funding whatsoever, and launched with just a few hundred pounds of savings to our name. Evidence that hard graft really does pay off. 100% of our revenue goes into printing the mag and other creative projects as we see no reason to do it any other way. We don’t pay ourselves a penny, all our editors have other jobs (and kids!) to keep them busy. (Kat’s a photographer and graphic designer, Wendy is a photographer and clothes designer and Ash is a creative tech designer, record label owner, DJ and music producer). We absolutely love what we do, and we only seek to spread positive and creative words and visual inspiration wherever our magazine goes, and because we aren’t doing it for money we believe that this is what makes our mag and blogzine the special thing that it is; everyone who works with us does it because they believe in what they do and they love what we’re doing – and this is why it’s so valuable to us, it’s the product of so many people’s passions, talents and dreams come true. And now that we have a comprehensive blogzine we can run regular content alongside the mag, which means we can bring you content all year round.


The future of The Elegant Savage is that we want to create serious opportunities for our contributors, readers and investors with a whole bunch of projects we have going on and with new ones launching, such as merchandise design and materials, industry events, new media platforms, community workshops, gigs and music promo, exhibitions and artist representation. So watch this space!


We would love to hear from you!  If you create art, music, fashion or have an idea, story or inspirational Coventry event you’d like to share the please use the form below for general enquiries. For more specific things such as coverage in the magazine, online gallery programme or advertising enquiries please see the contact list below:

Web & Print Advertising Enquiries  > advertising@elegantsavage.co.uk
Gallery Space Enquiries > advertising@elegantsavage.co.uk

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Editor + Publisher > Kat Divine > editorial@elegantsavage.co.uk
Deputy Editor > Wendy Brown > editorial@elegantsavage.co.uk

Fashion Editor >  fashion@elegantsavage.co.uk
Music coverage > music@elegantsavage.co.uk
Creative Arts and Tech coverage >

For information on our international collaborations supporting and sharing artists work outside of Coventry please email:

International Arts Project> handsacrossthewater@elegantsavage.co.uk




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Blogzine Launch Date: 31st July 2015

Issue #6 available March 2016 – see coming website for details and stockists